So what’ is “MyFav” and what’s in it for you.

• In a recent survey 65% of users had Google as their “Home Page”. MyFav has a “Google” search bar. More.

• The same survey 54% showed the most popular on-line retailer was Amazon. MyFav has an Amazon search bar. More.

• Want to know the exact time. MyFav has got the time and date on the info bar that’s “Internet Time”. More.

• Store all your favourites / bookmarks on-line so they are available from any computer. More

• Store all your favourites / bookmarks securely on line, for your eyes only. More.

Quick Address Bar        a unique facility to simply enter a web address. More.

• Loads of icons for quick access to the most popular and useful sites. More

• No Banner advertising or sponsored icons. More.

• Guest gadgets and programmable gadgets. More.

• We feel that whichever computer in the world you are working from, a common backdrop is essential, MyFav has it all and we are sure you want this as your “Home Page”. More.

• MyFav is not only free but there will be monthly prizes for members who sign up the most new members. More.

• Corporate Home Page. How about your company having a standard corporate “Home Page” with corporate logo, all the company relevant bookmarks, relevant icon-ed links and relevant gadgets. Good news it’s FREE, More.


MyFavourite online Bookmarks

MyFavourite online Gadgets

MyFavourite Iconic launch pad

MyFavourite “HOME PAGE”

I’ve read all all the notes before, click  the button to nip straight to the MyFav Launch page —>

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MyFav was first created for our own use, but as my friends and we began to heavily rely upon it and decided to launch it to the world (starting in the UK).

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